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Our Services

IT Staffing Solutions

We at DCS  offer our clients the comprehensive IT staff augmentation services. By efficiently handling HR functions, we give our clients to emphasize on their core business operation and growth. We offer an array of services to our clients under the Human Resource vertical, whether you are looking to fill a direct hire, contract-to-hire, or contract position, DCS  is unmatched in its ability to provide quality candidates and service excellence. At DCS , our candidate selection process is designed to provide you with efficient talent who will exceed your job expectations.

Technology Staffing Solutions

DCS  Staffing engages with more than just staff augmentation with companies. In the form of human capital and talent management, DCS  Staffing has been highly successful in providing alternative delivery models, including team based solutions, technology specific teams, and deliverables based on statements of work.

Our Approach

The Market

With our experience in Staffing we have acquired a deep understanding of market that helps us to provide the best solution for your requirements and core businesses. We know where to find, how to engage the top talent that you need. We also understand the priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain top talent.

Our Customer

Before providing any staffing solution we focus on really understanding the client’s requirements, their business. This enables us to come up with a right-mix of talent or solution to fit their objectives in the most effective and reliable manner.

Sourcing and Screnning

Our Staffing network and thorough screening process, enables us to quickly attract the best talent. We have developed detailed screening, incentives and engagement processes to promote trust to the professionals we select. Our collaborations tend to be based on a long-term relationship with both Client companies and the professionals we hire.

Our Quality

Attracting and retaining highly skilled talent has become more challenging and our Quality process enables us to meet your expectations and provide you high Quality services. What makes us different is our best practices and proven quality process to ensure highest satisfaction and effectiveness of our Staffing services. We are focused to provide best quality and great value for our customers by carefully assessing the talent we recruit.

Our Relationship

We are committed to provide our clients with continuous improvement customer service and detailed insights to ensure the success of our projects and to maintain highest Customer satisfaction (C-SAT). Many of our customers are referred to us by previous or ongoing Clients.

Business Process Management

BPM (Business Process Management) is an ideal way to manage and automate your business processes to attain high productivity, efficiency and cost benefits. Effectiveness of the BPM has direct bearing on the very success of the business, hence Business Processes need to precisely reflect & follow the business model.

BPM offers an organization a structured and efficient way to manage its business processes while automating the ones which are iterative in nature. This delivers exceptional results by enhancing the overall productivity, measurable results and faster ROIs.


Mere act of documenting business processes alone will notably improve organizational efficiency as BPM should not be a onetime exercise. It should involve a continuous evaluation of the processes and include taking actions to improve the total flow of processes.


Being the BPM Consulting and staffing services provider, we deliver the best services through an array of BPM suites including Appian, Pega , Mendix and jBPM.


Appian BPM Application Development for Mobility Oriented process.

A BPM, by managing the business processes emphasizes on improving the corporate performance by effectively managing and optimizing the business processes of a company. Appian BPM is one of the leading BPM Solutions that deliver increased workforce productivity by automating the repetitive tasks and streamlining the business operations.


With Appian's a PaaS (Application Platform As A service), one can rapidly develop, deploy, use and scale diverse problem-solving applications, as Appian comes with the flexibility of cloud and on-premise portability which makes addressing the unique challenges of an organization easier and efficient.


We, at DCS , offer the best Appian BPM consulting services globally with the flexibility to hire/contract an Appian certified consultants to aid our Clients with dedicated end-to-end Appian BPM Application support.


Appian is an ideal choice for creating the customized mobile apps as per your specific requirements because: 

  • It has the process management capabilities for building the process and task orchestration efficaciously

  • It supports the rapid development and deployment of natively mobile business applications.

  • It possesses a host of business tools and dynamic user interfaces which work instantly and effectively across the mobile and web devices.

  • Appian records have the capability to provide everything relevant and topical from across the systems It supports multichannel deployment and rapid adoption


Business Process Management for New Age Technology.

A leading provider of BPM (Business Process Outsourcing) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, Pega systems offers Pega BPM solutions to effectively manage workflows and processes in an organization.


BPM is being widely adopted by the organizations worldwide and thus, they seek efficacious BPM services which can support the process management and automation.

DCS  is a Pega BPM Consulting company that serves its clients with customized BPM solutions which focus on increasing efficiency, agility and performance in the day-to-day business operations. We also support our clients' business process management initiatives by offering them to hire or contract Pega developer for dedicated development as per their customized requirements.

Typically, the organizations possess hierarchical process structures to support its multifaceted and complex needs. But, these hierarchical processes tend to be opaque when viewed from the other parts of the organization hierarchy, are inefficient, are inflexible to dynamically changing customer requisites and respond very slowly to the market changes. However, Pega BPM aims at reducing and removing all these issues, making the process management easier for the organizations.

Pega BPM supports the process management, from start to end, so that an organization can perform efficiently in order to create value for its customers.

  • Standards-based user interfaces

  • Enterprise-level scalability

  • Automatic application code generation

  • Intuitive design tools for capturing business objectives

  • Easier integration with other business platforms, including collection systems and CRM software

  • Industry specific solution frameworks such as banking BPM for accelerating ROI


Mendix helps the software development to be significantly improved if there was a paradigm shift, which meant bringing the Core Business operations and IT much closer and together to empower the diverse skills and backgrounds to collaborate successfully and create better framework that delivers right business value at

significantly lower costs.

With the Mendix low-code and no-code platform, enterprises can ‘Make with
More,’ by broadening an enterprise’s development capability to conquer the software
development bottleneck; ‘Make it Smart,’ by making apps with rich native experiences that are intelligent, proactive, and contextual; and ‘Make at Scale, to modernize core systems and build large app portfolios to keep pace with business growth.

The Mendix Platform is the fastest and easiest way to build IoT software and applications. Through this platform Mendix enables organizations to build rich experiences on top of connected devices to transform their operations, products and business models.


DCS key capabilities using Mendix is next generation Cloud native Application  development, native Mobile application along with offering  Clients to hire or contract Mendix developer for dedicated development as per customized requirements.


Competent Business Process Management to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

A BPM (Business Process Management) solution streamlines the business operations, reduces costs and improves business agility by automating the processes and delivering enterprise ready solutions.


jBPM is a superior open source BPM suite that offers end-to-end business process management. We offer the best jBPM consulting services for automating the critical processes and optimizing the enterprise workflows also support our clients' business process management initiatives by offering them to hire or contract jBPM developer as per their requirements.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer different engagement models to let you choose the one that is most advantageous to you.


With contract option, candidates are researched, identified, recruited by DCS  and placed on an assignment at our Clients’ office for a limited duration of time. Candidates are paid by DCS , it can either be Corp to Corp or W2 employees or independent (1099) contractors. The Client pays DCS  an agreed-upon hourly service rate.


With a contract-to-hire option, candidates are researched, identified, recruited by DCS and placed on assignment at the Client worksite for an agreed period (three to six months). The candidate is employed and paid by DCS .  The Client pays DCS  an agreed-upon hourly service rate based on the candidate’s hourly rate and experience. After a given period of time determined by the client, candidates can be transitioned to a direct hire status.


Direct Hire

With a direct hire option, candidates are researched, identified, recruited by DCS  and presented to the Client for the required positions.  Once selected, the talent is hired directly by the Client Company. The Client pays DCS  an agreed-upon contingency fee for its recruitment efforts only if a candidate is successfully hired.”

Managed Services

With our “managed services approach”, we aim to successfully enable organizations to achieve their entire workforce strategy, by partnering and delivering world class talent acquisition and management solutions. Here we not are just limited to fulfill staffing needs, but engage throughout the entire employee life cycle - from Acquisition to Exit management.

Off shore Services

Our offshore model is about cost efficiencies; this model helps you select the best minds available in the industry. Incorporating latest technologies, management of offshore staff has never been easier and further our centers operate round the clock, giving you time efficiencies not to mention the ability to quickly scale based on talent demand

Recruitment Process Methodology

We use our expertise and proprietary knowledge database during each step in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) life cycle. Here is a description of each step:

Source: A recruiter sources candidates from various possible sources; the search starts from our database and existing employee referrals. Using advanced sourcing methods like social media, professional networking media, internal, and third party job boards like dice, indeed etc., we identify qualified candidates.

Validate: A technical recruiter validates the candidates’ experience and skill sets against our client’s position/requirements.

Initial Screening: Based on the position and the client’s work culture, the recruiter uses initial screening questions  along with personality test questionnaire to determine the most suitable candidates.

Internal Submission: The recruiter will submit to the technical team qualified candidates who have passed the initial screening and personality test.

Technical Screening: The technical team then prepares a matrix of the particular requirements and required experience for the position and using a list of questions and the results, re-validates the candidates’ technical skills.

References Collection: Administrative personnel will collect 3 references with one being a managerial reference.

Right to Represent [RTR]: Administrative personnel will get a RTR from the candidate before submission


Background Check: Administrative personnel will provide a detailed background check, as required, per client agreement.

Onboarding: On successfully completing the above steps, and if the client wants to move forward, the candidates are welcomed on board and assisted to ensure a smooth integration at the client’s location.

Monthly Follow up: Account manager will touch base with the client manager and the candidate on a monthly basis to ensure everything is going as expected

IT Staffing
BPM Services
RPO Services
Enggement Models
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